Vince Shutt. Toronto Gaymers.

Dmitry Grechko. Deskree studio.

Dr. Bronn and MAYOR CITY OF TORONTO John Tory, NOv.9, 2018

DR. Bronn and Mayor City of Toronto, Nov. 9, 2018

Ilya A. Rybak, PhD, Professor of Neuroscience, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA, 2018


“I know Dr. Bronn for many years, and I am amazed at his perseverance and determination and his efforts directed to the development of CTOR, whose perspectives go far beyond a simple game; CTOR is rather a very interesting and exciting tool for the development, implementation and analysis of different systems of individual and collective thinking. No one knows how this story will end, but it's always worth trying something new, especially if this new is produced by your brains. 

Barry Spilchuk – Toronto - Coauthor – A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul., 2018


“You can actually feel yourself getting smarter as you play this game. You can have numerous ‘Aha’ moments and it’s like you begin to recognize how you think, learn and process new information.”  

Erno Rubik, Creator of the Rubik's Cube, 1989

 Dear Vladimir, your game is wonderful, and it has good prospects. I wish you success and hope you will make it!’  

Eduard Proydakov, Former Chief editor PC Week RE, 1989


‘Brain study is one of the biggest challenges of our days. CTOR, a game based on deep understanding of human thinking processes, combines simple behavioral patterns of living organisms and complex decision-making processes within communities. Game strategies in this game are much more diverse than those of traditional strategy games like chess or go.’

Alexander Dewdney, Former editor “Scientific American” 1989.


‘Dear  Vlad, thank you very much for a copy of your CTOR game. I find it very helpful in terms of popularization of mathematical biology and development of a player’s thinking process on different levels of the game’s rules. I am sure this can be a very interesting article in our magazine.’

discovery academy. privet school/Toronto/Canada

Creative and memory. Part 1 

"Board game CTOR and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms".


Creative and Memory, Part 2 

"Team strategy game"


Creative and Memory, Part 3

"Collective thinking"