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In his lab, for over 20 years, Dr. Bronn, the author and developer of the CTOR game, has been applying mathematical models to explore the behaviour of biological organisms.

In the framework of the Mathematical Biology university course, he used this game to explain to his students the living ecosystem modeling principles.

After several years of research and tests, the author modified the rules, and now, you can play both individually, one and one and in a team game. 

Media about game

In English

2018 Russian Express Canada

Bagel in The Square.  or The Mystery of Dr.Bronn.


2016 TEDx 

How to measure collective intelligence?   

2015 Discovery Academy School 

Creativity and memory 

In Russian


1989 PC Week RE 

First Basic Rule game CTOR 

2017 IT Weekly RE

What the next strategy game for AI?  

2018 Russian Express Canada

Who are you Dr. Bronn? 

2018 IT News

Artificial intelligence will not win us! Answer to Mark Zukerberg & Ilon Mack.  

2108 Argemenetiru

Americans launch Russian games  

2018 It Weekly

The game of the inventor from St. Petersburg conquers North America 




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