FIELD + space


· The world is infinite; each game has a limited field. We have found a way to ‘extend’ game field boundaries to teach the brain to think globally.

· For the first time in the category of strategic board games, a field ‘with no boundaries’ has been created.

· The game takes place on a torus-shaped surface (‘doughnut’), while a special marking system allows playing without regard to the restrictive nature of the board’s space.

TEAM + brain


· Your team can consist of 1, 2 or 3 members. Find out who among your friends has a thought pattern similar to your own, and with whom you could set off to space or a long-term trans-ocean journey.

· Only in our game, you can change the number of team players during the game.

· Our brain consists of the left (logical) and right (visual) hemispheres. Play without any rival to train different functions of your brain!

RULES + operation


· Each move of your team consists of some simple operations: birth, movement, death (of a chip), which, just like in nature, combined together, produce an infinite number of combinations (or operations).

· The operations are similar to the behavior of animals in wild nature and their struggle for survival on a certain territory (wolves and sheep, fish and sharks, deer and leopards).

· Your team is a collective mind; it controls ‘the pack’. Your ‘animals’ will take the territory and survive, if you understand each other from the first word and from the first thought.

GAME + history


· In his lab, for over 20 years, Dr. Bronn, the author and developer of the CTOR game, has been applying mathematical models to explore the behaviour of biological organisms.

· In the framework of the Mathematical Biology university course, he used this game to explain to his students the living ecosystem modeling principles.

· After several years of research and tests, the author modified the rules, and now, you can play both individually, one and one and in a team game.

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