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People have been inventing games since the beginning of time. Every culture has its own board games that reflect the worldviews of that culture. Some games trace back thousands of years: Checkers, Chess, Go, Chinese Checkers, Mancala, Narde… But our views of the world have changed, just like our understanding of the human body and mind. For years we have studied these changes before using what we discovered to create a truly revolutionary logic game: CTOR (Cellular Torus). An unusual playing field “without borders”, rules that allow you to play alone or in teams, an unlimited number of levels and strategies: all these features make our game a little more complex than classical board games, which have become almost impossible to win against computer algorithms.


We are convinced that CTOR could claim the title «game of the millennium» and successfully replace traditional games, becoming the biggest board game phenomenon of the 21st Century. We are not claiming that our game will become a new IQ-measuring tool or a social network with thousands of players on a single team (which the game rules allow for), but we will do all we can to make those things happen.

Looking to the future


There is no doubt in my mind that CTOR is significantly different to classic abstract games. Greater discoveries are yet to come, especially when it comes to studying collective thinking and the collective behaviors of teams with thousands of players.

Dr. Bronn

CEO, Founder, CTOR GAME Inc.

Transformation of a 3D torus figure to 2D game field.

The only representation of a 3D torus on a plane that preserves the associated space for moving chips/figure. Invented by Dr. Bronn, 1987.

Board game premium edition 2019


App. for Apple&Android


Currently, applications are in test mode.

In order to play online, you need to send a message to the mail (ctorgame@gmail.com)  indicating the time interval when you want to go online to play with our testers. The working hours of testers are from 10am to 10pm Toronto.




CREED'S COFFEE BAR, 370 Dupont St., Toronto.


Sean Shekhtman  1 place

Alon Birarov  2 place 

Guilherme Crozariol  3 place

Panel of judges


Gregory Lipich, Chief referee of the tournament, Board of Adviser CTOR GAME.

Kirill Soifer, Vice Principal Discovery Academy, privet school.

First international tournament 4 Dec. 2018, Toronto, Canada.

First championship. one vs one. 28 nov, 2019, toronto, canad

After almost a whole year, on November 28, 2019, the first North American singles championship took place and was won by Sean Shekhtman, a student at Discovery Academy (pictured here.) John Tory, Mayor of Toronto, congratulated the competitors and noted that CTOR is a new level of chess-type games (the mayor’s letter is attached). The tournament was sponsored by the Accelerator from Toronto York Entrepreneur Development Institute (YEDI).Check out this great video