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Collective Intuition - one of the forms of Collective Intelligence, when individuals inside a certain group (e.g. a team of players) don't have any direct contact with each other during their decision making process, but nevertheless try to achieve a common goal. This type of thinking was discovered and described by Carl Jung in 1910 and named by him collective unconscious.

Our Approach to creation of a model of thinking is based on development of game model for decision making (CTOR). In this model the geometry of game space (a toroidal model of universe) is combined with physical models of behavior of cells or chips (game elements originated from the theory of cellular automata) as well as with a possibility to use logical and physical time as parameters for quantative measurement of the level of human intuitive thinking -- i.e. to use the game as a Intuitive Intelligence Quotient (IIQ) test.

Our Collective Intuition Research are aimed to revealing at which level of cognitive processes the effect of collective intuition appears in human mind. We use our game model of thinking (CTOR) -- developed by us in the last 20 years -- we conduct the following research:

Brain Game - development of games aimed to develop individual logical, imaginary, and intuitive thinking in children of 5 years and older.

Brain Health - clinical research and brain fitness -- as a possibility to restore short-term and long-term memory for elder people as well as a possibility to slow down the brain aging processes and such illnesses as Alzheimer's disease.

Collective Intuition Game - We research the mechanisms of interaction between people in groups from 5 to 1000 participants and develop tests for compatibility of people in the collective task solution process. Eventually we want to create a platform for development of new type of collective thinking, which is already used by insects, viruses, and even mold, but which was "forgotten" by humans during their biological evolution.

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