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Ctor Game Inc. is an independent Canadian game developer.

We develop board and video games for web and mobile devices.

Our games are based on our research in the fields of cellular automata and mechanisms of cognition.


1980 - 1990
Research in visual cognition in humans and its application to robotics. Participation in development of the first "reading" software in Russia. The Computational Biology Group was founded at the Biophysics Department of St. Petersburg State University (Russia). Research in neural networks and cellular automata.

1990 - 1996
Development of a cellular automata-based supercomputer for radar image analysis and visual navigation. CTOR was invented in this period.

1997 - 2002
A mobile software company was founded, run for 5 years, and then sold to a strategic investor. The basic rules of CTOR was established and the CTOR board game was published and sold.

2003 - 2010
Participation in neurorobotics research in UK and US. Development of the first game software for CTOR.

2011 - 2012
The CTOR rules were modified to make it more dynamic and playable. CTOR GAME Inc was founded.

2013 - 2015
Mobile game (UNITY). Collective Intuition Game (the project: Homo Neticus).

Board Game

Published and sold out (100,000 copies, Russian edition)

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Online Game

Human vs machine (R&D demo on site)
Human vs human (crowdfunding project in preparation)

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Mobile Game

Development in progress

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Collective Intuition Game

Research and development since 2011

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