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You can try to play CTOR with computer right now: Play Now!

After you start the demo game:

(1) If you don't know rules, you can read them in the Rules section.

(2) You can control complexity (levels) of the game in the Options section.

The levels from 1 to 10 control two properties:
(1) The duration of the game (if one of the parties won by occupation more that 40 cells): the game takes 10 minutes on level 1, 9 minutes on level 2, etc.
(2) The life span of the game chips: the higher level the shorter life span (the life span is randomly generated depending on the duration of the game).

A brief introduction to the game control:
(1) The mouse click on an empty cell will put a chip on the field.
(2) The mouse click on your chip and then an empty cell will move the chip to that cell.
(3) The 'surrounded' chips will be removed from the field automatically.
(4) Your turn is ended when you press the button DONE.

Please note: the demo will not run on mobile devices and on some computers you may be prompted to allow intalation of Microsoft Silverlight browser plugin.

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