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Collective Intuition Game project is the development of the author "CTOR" puzzle game Vladimir Bronnikov, former professor Leningrad State University< Department of Biophysics, PhD Computer Science in Robotics.  

How It Works


Classic version of CTOR has 15 x 15 cells and 2 basic operations: putting and moving chips. The rules were published in the magazine "PC Week, Russian Edition" in 1998, article V. Bronnikov “From the game 'Life' to the game 'CTOR” 

Looking to the Future


to creation of a model of thinking is based on development of game model for decision making (CTOR).

In this model the geometry of game space (a toroidal model of universe) is combined with physical models of behavior of cells or chips (game elements originated from the theory of cellular automata)

as well as with a possibility to use logical and physical time as parameters for quantitively measurement of the level of human intuitive thinking -- i.e. to use the game as a Intuitive Intelligence Quotient (IIQ) test. 


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